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How It Works

A song called ‘State of Emergency’ has been written, the lyrics are on The Song page.

The ‘State of Emergency’ song - whilst being realistic about the climate emergency - is lyrically and musically a positive and uplifting global call for people around the world to save our planet, the wildlife, and ourselves.  A call to get involved, to join a climate emergency movement of their choice, to start campaigns or volunteer if they have time…   If they have money, then donate… Join marches... Basically, just to do whatever they can. But at the very least, to understand the emergency, and - get involved.

We are calling on all musicians and bands, especially high profile people and celebrities in countries around the world, to record their own cover of ‘State of Emergency’ or just a part of it or just help promote it.  We need a massive number of versions to flood the world with the message, in all forms of musical genres and language.  So!  Grab your guitar or whatever and video yourself and post it everywhere with the hashtag #StateOfEmergencySong.  

Grime through rock, opera, classical, jazz, punk and EDM, you name it - we are calling on all high profile musicians to get involved to generate massive, massive, media attention for 'State of Emergency'

Are you a high profile musician, band or celebrity?  Get involved. Now. Please.  At least please endorse it :)

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