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Make It Happen.



A musician/band member/songwriter:


Get in touch right now and say what you can help with.  Or, just record your version and post it everywhere with the hashtag #StateOfEmergencySong - it needs to go viral.  The lyrics are written but not the music as we want many different versions.  Maybe yours will be one that gets sung around the world...


If you're a big name musician, at least please endorse this project


A Booking Agent/Manager/Publisher/PR agency:


Let your artists know about this project.  


Someone who gives a shit.


Can you help with the grass roots action needed to make this happen?  Are you experienced in admin, finance, team management, social media, PR, campaign management or anything else that can help?  Get in contact with what you can help with.


Maybe you are connected with other climate emergency organisations that might be able to help publicize 'State Of Emergency

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