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Change... Now.


The climate emergency needs to be shouted from every treetop and published on every media stream around the world, each hour, 24/7.  It should be flashing on hoardings at every sport event, on the backdrops at fashion shows and on the sides of buses.  It should be audible in the background when people are working, relaxing or playing, featured on every music video and displayed on t-shirts of every celebrity.

The politicians and leaders are not doing enough.  They deal with politics. Not survival.


Thankfully, there is a much bigger, more effective voice. There are people that can deliver an immensely powerful, meaningful message - to the mass of humans across the world, in any language, within months.  Celebrities you are the voice.  Please use your influence to broadcast a message around the world.

But it doesn't matter who you are, just sing a version in your favourite genre, speak a version, shout a version with your mates iin the pub, just video it and email it to us :)

Whoever you are, record your version, on your phone in your studio or whatever.  Just do it :) x

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